Step into the world of martial arts. Hapkido is the perfect style of martial art to combine with your daily life. Hapkido has its roots in Korea. The style we teach was developed by Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth. It is called ‘Kwan Nyom Hapkido’ and is based on the combination and use of concepts. This method makes it easy to absorb and provides limitless possibilities to combine and make ‘Your Own Hapkido’. Each person can combine these concepts in their own unique way, creating the style ideal for them and their needs. Get familiar and get excited.

A healthy body makes a healthy mind!

Everyone does Hapkido for their own reason. Some do it for the fitness and increased flexibility. Others for the coordination, endurance and relaxation of the mind. Some are pleased by the discipline and social atmosphere of the class.

Integrating all of these aspects in a high skilled art self defense, is Hapkido.

Kwan Nyom Hapkido (korean: School of Concepts) includes these essentials:

  • handstrikes,
  • kicks,
  • throws,
  • joint locks.

Combined with a small number of principles, these make Hapkido a really intensive and effective form of self defense.

Kwan Nyom Hapkido rendered in the native Korean writing system

Come and visit one of our classes. Come take a closer look. Or even better, come and join in. Put on some comfortable long trousers and a t–shirt and take part in two free lessons…

What if this idea strikes you?

Contact Mika or Hans—for more information or to sign up—and let us hear from you. Our school is located in Liikuntamylly in the Helsinki area of Myllypuro. It is not even a bowshot away from the metro station. The sporting complex is filled with all the conveniences and resources necessary, including lockable safes, clean dressing rooms and showers, supervising staff, a cafeteria, parking and more. Helsingin Hapkido provides skillful teachers that wish you welcome!


Liikuntamylly, Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki

Find the fastest route to the Dojang of Helsingin Hapkido: HSL Route Guide

Helsingin Hapkido ry

Mika Autio, contact,   
email mika (at),   
phone 044–0805 895

Eija Komulainen, teacher, treasurer,
email eija (at)

Hans van der Ende, supervising teacher,
email hans (at),
phone 040–591 3766

Fee for Adults

  • Saison January–May, August–December:
    125 Euro
  • Monthly: 35 Euro
  • 10 count card: 80 Euro


  • Saison January–May, August–December:
    90 Euro
  • Monthly: 25 Euro